Benefits of Customer-Facing Digital Signage in Retail


Digital signage continues to grow in popularity in the retail sector. In retail, customer-facing digital signage holds the power to create numerous ways of connecting with customers and non-customers.

Attract and Engage an Audience

When retailers have a matter of seconds to attract people’s attention, standing out in a sea of stores is imperative. Incorporating a digital signage network can be compelling to a customer in any retail environment when executed properly.

The storefront is a great place to begin implementing digital signage. Attracting new buyers is a benefit of highlighting products on storefront signs. The positioning of each digital sign is key to the success of your strategy.

An effective strategy should also include a clear objective alongside well-defined metrics. You know your customers best, so work to create a content strategy that will resonate with them. Media on your signs should be more than just rotating images and commercials.

Utilize existing assets as a part of your content strategy. Leveraging existing resources allow you to reuse current content and keep your brand messaging consistent across all channels.

Inform Customers

Use digital signage to tell customers exactly what they need to know about a product. As society has moved further away from face-to-face interactions, help from an associate isn’t always welcome. Informational signage can be used to describe a product, its benefits, and features passively.

Retail Shopping Mall

Enhance Brand Awareness

Use your signs to tell your brand’s unique story. Include elements that allude to your company’s values, philosophy, and personality. Developing brand awareness relies on consistent and uniform messaging and designs. A unified aesthetic between your signs and other marketing channels will build trust and credibility with current and future customers.

Fido Wireless's signage throughout the store displays promotions, product features, and more.

Targeted Content

Display a variety of messaging across each location to tailor communications to specific groups. Utilizing shared and local content allows retailers to further connect with customers in different locations.

For retailers with different departments, displaying department-specific information and images can keep users engaged and send powerful messages.

Scheduling features called dayparting allow retailers to continuously change content, keeping visitors engaged. Create playlists for different parts of the day or week to keep customers from tuning out messages.

Rogers digital signage system and touch interactive system educates customers.


Connecting and engaging with customers will always be an important part of marketing. Incorporating a digital signage network keeps your ability to display a variety of fresh content in-store. Attracting customers and keeping them informed and engaged can be achieved through a network and effective digital signage strategy.

Make-A-Wish Partners with Nanonation to Grant Boy’s Wish at Avera Health on World Wish Day

Make-A-Wish has been granting life-changing wishes to children for 41 years today. This World Wish Day, Nanonation announced a partnership with Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana to help grant a boy’s wish that will impact other children for years to come. Every year, Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana joins Make-A-Wish chapters and international affiliates in celebrating World Wish Day on April 29, the anniversary of the wish that inspired the founding of Make-A-Wish in 1980.

“Health challenges like what Koen has experienced are extremely difficult for the child and family. Koen has been so brave, and we are incredibly proud of him. His willingness to share his wish with other children is inspiring. It would be so understandable for him to want something for himself, after what he’s been through. Future patients at Avera Medical Group Pediatric Specialists will have their days brightened by the interactive display and activity book that Koen is providing. It’s been our honor to care for Koen as he continues to overcome his health difficulties,” said Wilfredo Veloira Jr., MD, Avera pediatric pulmonologist.

Seven-year-old Koen grew up on a farm, learning the importance of farming from his parents. Koen’s wish was to teach other children about farms, and more specifically – his favorite tractor and farm safety. The experience is a touchscreen mounted on a wall in Avera Health’s facility, where Koen has received treatment. Coined “Koen’s Farm,” the area will entertain and teach young patients about farming while waiting for their appointment. The area is complete with a wall wrap featuring illustrations of a barn and farm animals.

Koen’s Farm has a quiz game and coloring application, along with a special introduction video from Koen himself. Nanonation’s design and development teams created the experience. “We are thrilled to be a part of Koen’s wish, and our entire team has enjoyed working with everyone involved in bringing it to life. It has been a true pleasure to work on a project that has allowed us to use our talents to give back,” said Caryn Anderson, Nanonation’s Account Executive. Nanonation is proud to play a part in granting a wish and it wouldn’t have been possible without their previous relationship with Avera Health in creating Digital Donor Boards.

Koen's Farm at Avera Health keeps children entertained while waiting for their appointments.

Koen’s wish is also made possible by several local generous donors, each with a strong connection to Make-A-Wish and Avera: Jeff and Julie (Norton) Lautt, Kathleen Kunkel and her daughters Megan, Katie and Carly, in loving memory of their husband and father Shawn and the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation – In Honor of Autumn. Many other generous corporate partners have stepped up to bring Koen’s wish to life: Tractor Supply Company Foundation, HenkinSchultz, Avera, Journey Construction, Thompson Electric, Sioux Falls Interiors, Audio Fish, Elo Touch Solutions, Dell Computers, Peerless-AV and Sisson Printing.

About Nanonation

Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance visitor engagement, Nanonation provides its customers with the ability to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor’s interaction. The company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the banking, financial services, retail, museums, hospitality, and entertainment markets.

About Avera Health

Avera Health is an integrated health system based in Sioux Falls, S.D., serving South Dakota and surrounding areas of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota. Avera employs 19,000 at 300 locations that include 35 hospitals, 215 primary and specialty care clinics, and 40 senior living facilities in addition to home care and hospice, sports and wellness facilities, home medical equipment outlets and more. Avera offers 60 medical specialties with signature patient care programs including oncology, bone marrow transplant, cardiology, solid organ transplant, orthopedics, gastroenterology and behavioral health. As a health care ministry, Avera carries on the legacy of the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters, delivering care in an environment guided by values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship.

About Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness.  Our chapter has granted more than 2,200 wishes for children in the local community.   Together with generous donors, supporters, staff and more than 30,000 volunteers, Make-A-Wish South Dakota & Montana and 58 other chapters throughout the U.S. have granted more than 340,000 wishes nationwide.

Digital Signage in Healthcare Facilities

Why Digital Signage?

Sending clear messages across healthcare facilities quickly is crucial in today’s digital world. A digital signage network is a platform designed for widespread, cohesive messaging that creates satisfied visitors and informed staff.

There are many benefits and uses for digital signage in healthcare facilities, ranging from clinics to hospitals. The network of signs equipped with our software allows content to be tailored to different groups or areas of a facility.

Reach Everyone Quickly

When messaging needs to reach an audience in as little time as possible, digital signage is a critical part of a communication plan. Display the latest news, inclement weather alerts, natural disaster drills, and enforce protocols as they change.

Updates to signs can be made in minutes, making communication fast and efficient. Templates and widgets give staff the power to create meaningful visual communications across a digital signage network in little time. Advanced scheduling tools allow you to distribute content to the right people at the right moment.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

For many people, the wait time is the most stressful part of visiting a healthcare facility. Digital signage is a proven way to help ease that stress. Strategically placed signage can help calm, inform, and keep patient’s attention while they wait.

  • News
  • Quizzes
  • Fun Facts
  • Stats
  • Doctor and Nurse Highlights
  • Art
  • Weather Ticker
  • Social Media Feed
Doctor Highlight Digital Signage Template

Educate and Engage Visitors

The possibilities are endless when implementing digital signage in medical offices and healthcare facilities.

  • Guidelines
  • Health and Wellness Tips
  • New Patient Information
  • Check-in Information
  • Promote Services
  • Risk Factors for Certain Conditions
  • Preventative Techniques or Exercises for Common Ailments
  • Advertising
  • Infographics
Waiting Room Signage

Enhance Communications with Staff

Placing signs in lounges and work areas will help inform staff and reinforce important information. Display unlimited amounts of information while saving money and paper by cutting down on print-outs.

  • Protocols
  • Safety Procedures
  • Employee of the Month
  • Time Sensitive Information
Nurse Appreciation Week Digital Signage Template

Other Use Cases


For facilities with multiple offices or floors, directories are key to keeping visitors happy. Digital directories make it easy to swap out names and room numbers when needed.

Menu Board

Digital menu boards in cafeterias provide great flexibility. Use scheduling features to set menus for the upcoming weeks and change the menu in minutes when you run out of certain items.

Donor Board

Digital donor boards recognize all the important donors that have contributed meaningful gifts to your organization. Highlight names and the stories behind some of the donations to help encourage future giving. Add names as often as you like, making changes in real-time.


Utilizing digital signage as a communication tool in hospitals will help streamline messaging. Quickly disseminate valuable information across any facility.

Use the info above to help you begin a plan to deploy your signage network.

How Digital Menu Boards Drive Loyalty and Sales

The Importance of Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a powerful tool that can drive loyalty, sales, and brand consistency. Digital menu boards are the medium used to display dynamic content that can help create clear messaging and increase purchases. In a world where digital content has quickly become the norm, displaying dynamic content is the key to success.


Digital menu boards allow convenience stores, quick-service restaurants, and fast-casual restaurants to change promotions, prices, and items quickly and efficiently.

With advanced scheduling features, swap menus during different times of the day, a feature called day parting. Schedule menu changes in advance to avoid forgetting to switch out menus. Update one location, a group of locations, or all locations with ease. Digital menu boards can be edited from anywhere in the world and will keep working even if your network is down.

Pump and Pantry Digital Menu Boards

Increase Sales, Lower Costs

Digital menu boards boost sales and increase upselling by up to 32%. Digital menu boards are cost-effective, allowing you to make changes as often as necessary, without needing to reprint menus. Promote new menu items, suggest common pairings, and quality feature images to encourage more orders.

Arby's digital menu board

Connect with Customers

Creating a memorable dining experience requires evoking emotions. There are a variety of emotions that can be tapped within a restaurant. Consider your brand and why people want to visit your establishment.

Is it to be in an exciting, energized environment? Display fun, engaging trivia. Cultivating community? Share social media posts about the latest fundraiser you were involved in. A healthy, locally sourced option? Showcase a video about where your ingredients came from. Brainstorm ways to tap into these emotions that back your atmosphere.

Highlight Loyalty Programs

Reduce costs by promoting loyalty programs on your digital menu boards. Let customers learn about your program without any additional printed materials. You can even cross-promote with other local businesses or influencers.

Top Use Cases

  • Menus
  • Current Promotions
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Weather Ticker
  • News Ticker
  • Nutritional Guidelines

Creating the Right Content

Use our pre-made templates to create a polished, up-to-date menu board. Select different colors and upload images to match your branding. Use eye-catching visuals to help you accomplish goals. Need help creating engaging menu boards? Our design team is here to help.

Digital menu board template from Nanonation's Template Library


Digital menu boards are a dynamic tool that will help create consistent messaging to promote sales and loyalty.

Use the info above to help you incorporate digital menu boards into your sales and marketing strategy.

Nanonation and Nebraska Bankers Association Officially Partner on Digital Signage

LINCOLN, NE [February 8, 2021] Nanonation and the Nebraska Bankers Association, alongside its subsidiary Nebraska Bankers Insurance & Services Co., are pleased to announce Nanonation as a preferred vendor for digital signage services and solutions.

As technology continues to play a critical role in business, Nanonation and the NBA aim to provide financial institutions with the tools needed to support their clients. Nanonation’s enterprise-class digital signage platform will streamline communication within bank branches. These digital solutions allow banks to publish content to digital displays from anywhere in the world, ensuring that information is distributed quickly and accurately.

“Nanonation is excited to partner with the Nebraska Bankers Association to provide cutting edge digital solutions for financial institutions across the state,” said Jennifer Witherby, Nanonation’s Director of Digital Signage Sales. “Our extensive portfolio of banking clients coupled with the Association’s vision to be the foremost resource for Nebraska’s banking industry is sure to prove beneficial for its members.”

“The NBA is pleased to welcome Nanonation to the NBA’s preferred vendor program,” said NBA President and CEO, Richard Baier. “The digital signage products provided by Nanonation will give our member banks another way to connect and build relationships with customers.”

About Nebraska Bankers Association

The Nebraska Bankers Association (, founded in 1890, is the voice of Nebraska’s $77.9 billion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional, and large banks that together employ more than 15,000 people, and safeguard nearly $63.9 billion in deposits, all within the state of Nebraska.

About Nanonation

Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance visitor engagement, Nanonation provides its customers with the ability to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor’s interaction. The company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the banking, financial services, retail, museums, hospitality, and entertainment markets.

How to Use Digital Signage in your Emergency Plan

Emergency Communication Plans

Emergency Communication Plans are key to ensuring safety in schools, office buildings, airports, and other public spaces. They should be carefully planned with each scenario and visitor in mind.  While quick reactions are crucial in emergencies, digital signage can aid in distributing vital information quickly and widespread when each second matters.

Incorporating a Digital Signage Network into Your Plan

Strategically placed digital signs act as the visual component of mass communications. In order to begin your communication plan, consider the types of events that could happen around your facility. Tailoring the information to each event is yet another benefit of using digital signage.

Next, keep your messaging short and to the point since there is not much time to take in information during an emergency.

Key information should be displayed clearly and concisely. Some things to consider including on your sign are:

  • Exit Routes
  • Shelter in Place Suggestions
  • Relevant Addresses
  • Relevant Phone Numbers
  • Other Important Event Updates

Bold icons and colors are a great way to attract attention that’s easy for anyone to interpret.

While other forms of communication can be used, like emails, SMS, or push notifications, you won’t always have everyone’s contact information. Below are some examples of events to keep in mind while planning your emergency communications.

1. Every Day Disruptions

Bus delays, shuttle delays, schedule changes are everyday happenings that can inconvenience your visitors, employees, or students. Keeping people informed increases awareness and preparedness.

Digital signage example showing weather alerts

2. Inclement Weather and Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, tornados, landslides, blizzards, hurricanes, and tsunamis can happen at any time. Digital signage gives you the speed and flexibility to inform everyone of exactly what to do at that moment, decreasing panic and uncertainty.

3. Safety Drills

Fire, earthquake, tornado, and evacuation procedures should be practiced often. But, in the meantime, why not share what to do in the case of these unfortunate events? Reminding people of what to do, where to go, and who to contact lets people know what to expect in these situations.

4. Enforce Protocols or Health Guidelines

Especially during the pandemic, updating protocols and health guidelines for your organization are essential to keeping people safe.

An outdoor digital sign to inform people about an ongoing public emergency.

5. Threats and Terrorism

While no one wants to think about threats or terrorism, it is important to plan for each situation. Display evacuation routes, shelter in place orders, and more. Informing people quickly will keep everyone safe and calm.


Utilizing digital signage as a communication tool during emergencies will help streamline your messaging. Quickly disseminate valuable information across any facility.

Use the info above to help you create an Emergency Communication Plan to deploy on your signage network.

Nanonation Adds Template Library with 50+ Variations

Creating engaging, informative, and beautiful content for a digital signage network can be a daunting task. Nanonation’s new Template Library allows users of all design levels to create relevant and fresh content for their signage network. The template library is included with each digital signage purchase and is accessible through our Content Management System, Commandpoint.

Templates for announcements, birthdays, employee highlights, events, menu boards, are some of the few designs you can find within the library. In Commandpoint, we also provide access to our widgets, like the weather, a news ticker, and stock market information.

Use the professionally designed templates to attract and impress your customers, employees, or students. Each design can be customized to fit any brand’s guidelines in order to match the tone and feel of your organization. The preview feature allows you to view your updated template after you have added text or images so that each design is perfect before they are distributed among your signs.

Nanonation’s Creative Director, Scott Eastman, led the development of the library and said this, “For years, we have created custom animated templates for clients. We created this library to bring that high level of polish and professionalism to all our customers.”

For more on the library, please contact