Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Claiming the title “Ice Cream Capital of the World” is a bold statement. Blue Bunny takes that claim seriously and reopened their parlor on Main Street aiming to become the largest tourist destination in the state. Nanonation joined a team of exhibit designers to help them reach this goal.

Twelve digital projects throughout the parlor range from simple welcome signs and employee recognition to a magical old-time soda fountain with a soda jerk that can have a conversation with guests in real-time. However, the crown jewel is a 20-foot wall that takes guests on the full journey from farm to spoon, where the farms are all within 50 miles of the parlor and the factory is just down the highway. Through video and interactive games, we take guests through parts of the ice-cream factory that are off-limits to the public and inaccessible to most employees.

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