Bring live content to your digital signage network with Commandpoint and Brightsign

Displaying live content on digital signage has traditionally been challenging, requiring expensive equipment and infrastructure because of HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

Thanks to our integration with Brightsign and their XT1144 digital signage player, adding live content from your cable or satellite box has never been easier. Nanonation customers can now display HDCP-protected content on digital signs using the Brightsign player, still managed and controlled by our content management system, Commandpoint.

Adding live content is as simple as connecting the HDMI from your cable or satellite box to the Brightsign player input and then connecting your display to the Brightsign player. Content can include news, weather, sports, and other live events, giving your audiences a new level of engagement and interaction.

From within Commandpoint you can set the live content to be either full screen or just a zone of the display with other digital signage content alongside it. Best of all, live content is treated no differently than any other media item, so you can schedule it within a playlist or create events for when you want it to show on your screens.

This is an excellent solution for combining live content with promotions, messaging, and announcements anywhere.

BrightSign Logo and Player Image

  • Waiting areas and community spaces
  • Bank lobbies
  • Employee break rooms
  • Transportation centers
  • Universities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hotel lobbies

Brightsign is a leading provider of digital signage media players known for their reliability and performance. The players are easy to set up as well as manage. In addition, they come with various features that make them ideal for use in multiple applications, including retail, hospitality, and corporate settings.

Integrating Commandpoint content management system with HDMI inputs and Brightsign players allows for efficiently displaying satellite content on digital signs. As a result, you can deliver live, up-to-date information and entertainment to your audiences alongside your announcements and promotional content – significantly improving the viewing experience.

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