Capacity Control Application

Instantly control traffic into your business without the need to staff your entrance.

The Capacity Control Package

Nanonation’s Capacity Control Application allows your staff to instantly change digital signage at your entrance, letting customers know it’s safe to enter or to stop due to capacity. The “stop” and “go” prompts are controlled by a business associate selecting one of two buttons displayed in a simple app that talks to the local network. Business media can rotate with the stop and go images.


> A Controller App (Runs on PC or Tablet)

> Multiple screen and hardware options

> Software and Licensing

Controller App

Each package comes with a tablet to manage your Capacity Control digital sign. The app allows you to instantly switch between “red” and “green” states.

> Runs on any Windows PC or Tablet (iOS available soon)

> Simple to use and easy to setup

> Works on wired or wireless networks

> Packages for signs and controller tablets available

The "controller" tablet used by an employee to manage traffic into a business
A high-bright digital signage cart with Capacity Control Signage on the screen.

Rolling Cart Option

Use a portable rolling cart to house your sign. The mobile cart makes it easy to move the sign to your entrance during operating hours.

> Portrait or landscape option

> Multiple screen options available

> Suited for semi-shaded environments

Wall-Mounted Option

Use a wall-mounted tablet to display your Capacity Control signage. This wireless battery-powered option can be placed directly at the entrance or in a segmented area.

> Portrait or landscape option

> Multiple screen options available

A tablet signalling "Please Come Inside" used to manage traffic into a business
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