Raising NebraskaRich Interactive & Embedded Tech

3-Dimensional Combine Simulator
Interactive Educational Gaming
Proximity Triggered Digital Signage

University of Nebraska-Lincoln working with The State Fair gave us a dream project this summer, A giant 25,000 sq ft building focused on agriculture eduction through interactive experiences. Knowing the state fair attracts wide range of demographics We developed & deployed 12 different projects that covered the spectrum.

Rich interactive games teach visitors how a hulking 137' CenterPivot sprinkler is programmed to use water carefully. Farm-to-table was brought to life by building a mouthwatering meal and showing where each ingredient was grown. A range of traditional educational kiosks were dotted throughout the hall to give visitors a hands-on familiar way to explore. Integrated sensors triggered videos all over; from a 50' walkable map, to a combine cab, a gas pump, & even a theatre inside a grain bin. Near the entrance custom templates let the State Fair update calendars, recognize donors and welcome special visitors.

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