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Nanonation Releases a Pandemic Suite of Products

Nanonation Releases a Pandemic Suite of Products

LINCOLN, Neb., May 13, 2020

Lincoln, Nebraska based Nanonation, a global provider of public space interactive and digital signage solutions, announced a new range of products. The Capacity Control App and Temperature Screening Kiosk were created to aid businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding this pandemic will not last forever, the solutions are comprised of components focused on future reuse. The hardware and software used in these products can easily be adapted to serve a variety of post-pandemic business functions, ensuring maximum return on companies’ investments.

The Capacity Control App allows businesses to monitor and control the flow of visitors into their establishment. A sign will be placed at the entrance and an associate will use a tablet to shift signage between red and green states that notifies customers whether they can enter or wait outside.

The Temperature Screening Kiosk is a no-contact solution to test employee or visitor temperatures. The kiosk comes in two different options, including a free-standing kiosk or a tabletop tablet. The Infrared Sensor quickly and accurately detects body temperature and notifies personnel when a heightened temperature is detected.

Zachary Rustad, Vice President of Business Development and a key product contributor said, “We are glad to be doing our part in helping reopen America by providing solutions that help businesses keep their customers and employees safer. Capacity Control and Temperature Screening are key elements in ensuring safe reopening and continued business operations over the coming months.”

The new range of products are ideal for retailers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, concert, and sports venues, and anywhere capacity is closely monitored. For more, please visit


About Nanonation

Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance visitor engagement, Nanonation provides its customers with the ability to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor interaction. The company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the museum, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and financial services markets.

Nebraska Army National Guard + Virtual Reality | Part 1

Nanonation is partnering with the Nebraska Army National Guard to bring a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to their recruiting efforts. Through the partnership, Nanonation has been able to understand the process in which young men and women are recruited to the Guard and are developing a VR game consistent with their training exercises. We are going to walk you through the project in the coming months and allow you to see how it is done! The first step – create the perfect character animations who we lovingly call Pete, Chloe, and Sergeant. The second step – record the perfect audio for each character and work through the kinks with in-person testing, which took place in our offices this week. See the photos below.

Nanonation’s President and CEO, Bryan Fairfield, said this about the experience, “We build a bunch of cool things, but I don’t think I’ve seen clients having as much fun with a new experience since we first deployed our gesture-based football game several years ago.”

We deploy interactive experiences weekly, sometimes daily, and this one is truly special. More to come as we move through this project.

If you are interested in bringing VR into your space, please let us know!

FAO Schwarz Digital Experiences

Nanonation’s application makes for a seamless car buying experience – for kids, that is! FAO Schwarz, an iconic toy store in New York City, has stations equipped with iPads to run their custom app at the FAO Raceway. Trained mechanics build custom remote-controlled cars as visitors customize their car on the iPad. From choosing the body, paint, wheels, and accessories, to the accompanying auto body shop sound effects, the interactive app creates a whimsical, one-of-a-kind experience for kids of all ages.

Another set of iPads in the Adoption Center allows visitors to adopt baby dolls. Our In-House Design team created a ‘Consent to Adopt’ form that makes sure the prospective adoptive parent is fit for adoption. Meanwhile, a “nurse” demonstrates how to care for the newborn. Nanonation’s one-of-a-kind experiences help create a world of wonderment that is FAO Schwarz.

Nanonation Publishes New Look & Feel

After a record-setting year, ending earlier in 2019, Nanonation sought to reenergize its website through a more current representation of their vast array of software expertise. Founded on secure software in the retail and financial services industries, Nanonation has reached into education, museums and attractions, and corporate communications verticals in recent years. Their mantra, “if it attracts you to a space using digital, we create it,” has positioned the firm for even more upcoming growth.

The new website seeks to show its visitors that Nanonation is ready for their next project, whatever that might be. Whether the visitor is ready to create a custom interactive table in their retail or museum environment, a new ticketing kiosk, or a robust signage network, Nanonation wants visitors to know, they have found their partner.

Nanonation’s COO, AshLea Allberry, said of the site, “It is very exciting to see our brand and products expanding at an unprecedented rate. Our customers, past and present, are coming back project after project to see how they can better position their environments for repeat visitors. Our new website, among other internal initiatives, is just the beginning of an exciting couple of years.”

So, what’s next for Nanonation? In the coming months, you will see an increased emphasis in K-12 Education, Museums and Attractions, and Corporate Communications, among their existing focuses. The key to success in these areas is brand awareness, experience-driven testimonials, and representative content.

If something you see on the new site interests you and your organization, please reach out to and we will direct you to the best Nanonation contact.

Nanonation Invites Feedback

Nanonation hosted its yearly focus group and attracted clients and future customers from nearly every industry. The goal of the event was to gather insight from industry professionals to better position Nanonation’s products and services in the marketplace.

The focus group began with demonstrations of recent projects and solutions to provide attendees with a framework for topics to be discussed throughout the day. As the event progressed, customers were asked to provide comprehensive feedback regarding solutions that could positively augment their environments.

“Having these conversations always provides great background and detail to our research but there are also a couple of big surprises to come out of every group,” said Scott Eastman, our Creative Director.

Nanonation's Focus Group demonstration of ways digital can be incorporated into a space.

It became apparent as users were exposed to new knowledge of Nanonation’s collection of software that they could identify many ways of using our solutions that we had not thought of ourselves. Attendees found they could expand their digital footprint by including solutions like interactive directories in churches, signage in hospitals, digital donor boards in non-profit locations, wayfinding in corporate headquarters, and augmented reality in museums.

The conversations have proven to be mutually beneficial. We were able to discover new markets for our products and many of our clients discovered new ways to engage their visitors and customers. Our goal is to expand upon the conversations and continue them in the near future.

Nanonation Welcomes Allberry as Chief Operating Officer

Nanonation, a leading provider of public space interactive and digital signage solutions, is pleased to announce the hire of AshLea Allberry who will be returning to her previous role as Chief Operating Officer.


Nanonation Partners with Fontenelle Forest to Educate Nature-Lovers

The Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in Bellevue, Nebraska teamed up with Nanonation to revolutionize their space. We worked on a series of six digital solutions to enhance the Raptor Woodland Refuge Exhibit, transforming the way visitors interact with the exhibit. We partnered with them again to expand their digital assortment, adding two more experiences. During each project, we took into consideration their overall mission: to inspire and educate current and future generations to care for the natural world.


How St. Robert Bellarmine is Using an Interactive Experience to Honor Donors

With over 50 years of history, St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Parish sought to find a new way to showcase and honor their donors. St. Robert’s, like many churches, is generously supported by private donations, so donors are vital to the longevity of their organization.


Boys Town Recognizes Their Donors with Digital Interactive Experiences


Boys Town, a 100-year-old organization which helps at-risk children and families, needed a way to recognize its thousands of donors in its Hall of History Museum. The exhibit needed to be organized, searchable, and easily updated. And while most donor exhibits are either dull and lifeless, or attractive but hard to update, Boys Town wanted the best of both worlds.


Eastmont Towers Foundation Enhances Awareness and Financial Contributions

The Eastmont Towers Foundation is supporting the Eastmont continuum of elder care services and facilities. For over fifty years, Eastmont has been a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily on donors and volunteers to maintain their facilities. The Eastmont Towers Foundation approached Nanonation to create a solution that enhances awareness and financial contributions by showcasing levels of giving.

Nanonation created a digital Donor Board which has allowed Eastmont Towers to capture and recognize donors who have contributed to the ongoing efforts of their organization. When a user walks up to the screen, they are greeted by a scrolling list of donor names that are categorized based on their giving level. The Donor Board also allows the Foundation to highlight specific donors by breaking away from the scrolling list and presenting a full-screen picture of the donor with additional information about their contribution.

The experience contains the branding and colors of the Eastmont Community and is powered by a Dell computer and commercial grade screen, which collectively creates a seamless presentation for visitors and residents alike. Using Nanonation’s online content management tool CommandPoint, Eastmont is able to easily control their content on a regular basis. The built-in templates allow for the content manager to quickly change donor names and images.

The screens are placed in two separate high traffic areas and have proven to be more effective than initially imagined. Since the Donor Boards have been installed there has been a 60 percent increase in donations. Nanonation’s Donor Board is a customizable product that has proven results in the field.

Eastmont's Digital Donor Board used to recognize donors over the years.