CHI Elevates Hospital's Patient Experience with Digital Wayfinding

CHI Health partnered with Nanonation to set a new standard in patient experience through state-of-the-art digital wayfinding. Initially implemented in two hospitals, this project’s success has led to its expansion across four campuses, demonstrating the technology’s immense value and impact.

The feedback has been very positive. Patients and visitors are impressed with the intuitive, user-friendly design, often capturing images of the pathways to ensure seamless navigation throughout the hospital. The strategically placed kiosks—from prominent units at main entrances to smaller ones at key points like the emergency department—offer 24/7 navigation assistance. This ensures visitors can find their way effortlessly, even during off-hours or weekends, when staffing is lower and entrance desks are not always attended.

The digital wayfinding seamlessly integrates into the hospital environment, transforming the patient experience by providing a dynamic, interactive wayfinding solution. This cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with CHI Health’s commitment to innovation and superior patient care.

A Strategic Advantage for Forward-Thinking Hospitals

We believe that digital wayfinding is essential for all modern hospitals and facilities. CHI Health’s decision to integrate this advanced technology at the front-of-house marks a significant enhancement in patient interaction from the moment they enter. As more hospitals adopt such technology, it will become the standard patient expectation at every visit.

Seamless Collaboration and Exceptional Results

Our partnership with CHI Health has been characterized by smooth collaboration and exceptional outcomes. We provided comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring deadlines were met and designs were effectively translated from blueprints to vibrant digital graphics. This streamlined approach has resulted in a highly successful implementation, significantly improving the navigation experience for patients, families, and visitors.

At Nanonation, we are committed to advancing hospital wayfinding and patient engagement. Our collaboration with CHI Health demonstrates the transformative potential of our digital solutions.

Why Choose Nanonation's
Digital Wayfinding?

Cost-Effective Excellence: Our solution delivers premium quality at a cost-effective price, optimizing operational efficiency without compromising patient care.

Accessible by Design: Accessibility is at the core of our solution. Ensure every patient, visitor, and staff member experiences easy navigation within your hospital, regardless of their unique requirements.

Elevate Patient Engagement: Our wayfinding system goes beyond mere directions; it creates an interactive, engaging experience. The solution empowers patients with real-time information, establishing a dynamic environment that distinguishes your hospital from the rest.

Proven Process: Our well-established approach ensures swift and painless integration for digital wayfinding. Enjoy a streamlined process free from extended interruptions or complex setups. Our project team adapts effortlessly to meet your hospital’s unique needs and will guide you step by step through the setup process.

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