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Nanonation's Innovation at Children's Hospital, Omaha

Nanonation, renowned for its expertise in interactive experience design, collaborated with the Children’s Hospital in Omaha to elevate the hospital experience for pediatric patients, families, and staff. Using Nanonation’s platform, the hospital unveiled various interactive installations, plus donor and employee recognition walls.

These initiatives feature interactive gesture-based games on large video walls that use physical movements instead of traditional input devices like keyboards or controllers. Sensors and cameras detect the user’s gestures, allowing players to control actions or objects within the game environment. This creates an immersive gameplay experience where players mimic real-world motions. For example, the table tennis game uses hand-raising and body movement to serve a ping-pong ball or swing the paddle.

The interactive gesture-based games and walls receive added depth with state-of-the-art installations that recognize and celebrate the contributions of donors and staff. Just as gesture-based games immerse players in interactive experiences, the hospital’s custom-designed digital LED donor and employee recognition walls utilize technology to showcase and honor those who support the hospital’s mission and convey personalized messages, highlighting the significance of their generosity and dedication.

The Children’s Hospital project had multiple objectives, each aimed at enhancing the hospital experience for pediatric patients and their families. Central to its mission was elevating the patient journey by incorporating interactive experiences strategically designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Fostering moments of joy and distraction to transform what can often be a daunting hospital stay into a more positive and comforting experience for young patients. Nanonation’s new interactive installations represent a significant step forward in leveraging technology to create engaging and entertaining experiences that improve patient outcomes, promote family engagement, and support the invaluable work of hospital staff.

Other interactive gesture-based games, donor
and recognition walls created for Children's Hospital

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