Children's Museum of Memphis

Interactive Exhibits

The Children’s Museum of Memphis (CMOM) is a nonprofit and private organization that fosters child development through interactive exhibits and programs designed to support and enrich early learning. Nanonation has had the privilege of working with CMOM to create multiple interactive exhibits since the beginning of 2022.

Masterpiece Station

The Children’s Museum of Memphis wanted to incorporate more digital experiences into its hands-on learning environment. So Nanonation brought two Masterpiece paint screens for users to enjoy modern mess-free media stations using artists’ tools to create digital art. Once completed, users can even email their digital creations to themselves as a takeaway from their museum experience.

“They have been a major hit with our visitors of all ages; what a great addition to the museum!”

Corey Brown, Exhibits Manager | Children’s Museum of Memphis

AutoZone Garage
Interactive Exhibit

The Children’s Museum of Memphis (CMOM) wanted to completely revamp their auto garage themed exhibit sponsored by AutoZone, the largest American retailer of automotive parts and accessories in the United States. Nanonation, being a trusted partner with past CMOM interactive exhibits, worked with CMOMs designers and AutoZone to develop two interactive experiences of the auto garage display. The result is two fun, repeatable, game like experiences that also help educate the young users.

Car Design Stations

The first interactive exhibit lets kids design their dream car while teaching users how various car configurations affect a vehicle’s performance—consisting of two touch screen design stations allowing users to select different car design options. For example, one can choose from multiple paint colors, tire sizes, vehicle models, styles, and environments. It also includes a final video encouraging users to now go physically recreate their car design at a hand-on assembly station near the design stations. Users can send the results of their unique creation via email as a memento of their experience.

AutoZone Store

A second station, the AutoZone store, seeks to educate children on the basics on car maintenance via a fun Test Your Skills match game. The game’s primary objective is to teach users the purpose of selecting the correct car maintenance products and how they help care for and maintain vehicles—for example, matching engine oil up with the car engine or a flat tire with a tire pressure gauge.

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