Enterprise Kiosk CMS Platform

Nanonation and Coinstar have collaborated to revolutionize the customer experience with their kiosks! Coinstar previously developed their software platform for their kiosk internally, but over many years and many iterations of kiosks, the application management had become challenging. Each version required coding to make changes, and the entire software package had to be updated to the kiosk, even for small changes. This made making changes, updates, or adding new products and services challenging and costly.

Coinstar considered building a whole new content management system in-house but recognized it would take up to several years of work to create a system functional enough to manage their worldwide network of thousands of kiosks. Nanonation, however, was able to work with Coinstar to integrate components of our technology into their existing kiosk application, allowing our Commandpoint enterprise-class CMS to drive exactly the type of flexible content and application management they needed. This has led to redesigning their user interface and creating custom software that focuses on elevating the convenience and accessibility of Coinstar’s services to a whole new level. Now updates can be managed by the business users directly, without needing coding and development to change many aspects of the UI or services offered on groups of kiosks.

A great deal of development work went into integrating their legacy backend system, allowing Coinstar not to have to update their entire platform. With a vast network of 17,000+ kiosks, Coinstar is one of the largest kiosk deployers in the world. In addition, Coinstar can now seamlessly manage and optimize its kiosks in real time with Nanonation’s powerful content management tools.

From turning coins into cash, buying cryptocurrencies, purchasing no-fee eGift Cards, making charitable donations, and more, Coinstar kiosks offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. Experience the future of self-service with Coinstar and Nanonation!

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