College World Series

“Working with the Nanonation crew on the MCWS touchscreen was a phenomenal experience. From concept to implementation, we are so happy with the result. The platform is easy for us to use, and the touchscreen technology gives fans a chance to experience and interact with the event year-round. The end result is exactly what we were looking for."
- Amy Hornocker | Executive Director, Omaha World Series of Omaha, Inc.

Recently, in collaboration with the College World Series, Nanonation undertook the challenge of developing and implementing a cutting-edge outdoor touchscreen system to enhance the overall experience. The existing touchscreen solution needed to catch up, prompting the necessity for a superior alternative. The objective was to engage and inform fans on days without games by seamlessly integrating the innovative screens with the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the series.


Our team of experts, utilizing Nanonation’s powerful content management system, Commandpoint, designed and deployed a state-of-the-art outdoor touchscreen solution tailored to the specific needs of the College World Series. The integration of Commandpoint allows for seamless control and management of the touchscreens’ content, ensuring advanced functionality, durability, and a user-friendly interface, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Nanonation has revitalized engagement outside the stadium by replacing the previously failed touchscreen solution. The touchscreen is an interactive information hub, providing spectators instant access to real-time game schedules, team statistics, annual award recipients, a virtual stadium tour during off hours, and historical and ticketing information. Empowering passersby to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and make informed decisions about their College World Series experience.

Navigating large venues like the College World Series can be a challenge for fans, particularly when faced with the excitement and energy of game day. Our outdoor touchscreen solution incorporates intuitive wayfinding features that help visitors locate various facilities, concessions, restrooms, and other points of interest. With clear and easily accessible directions, fans can confidently explore the venue and make the most of their time at the College World Series.

Recognizing the challenges posed by outdoor environments, the touchscreen solution was designed to withstand various weather conditions, including sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures. The robust hardware is built to resist vandalism and damage, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal downtime. The team worked closely with the College World Series organizers to integrate the touchscreen into the existing infrastructure, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing installation.

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Nanonation’s collaboration with the College World Series has revolutionized the baseball experience on and off game days. By providing interactive information, seamless navigation, and dynamic content, Nanonation has successfully enhanced engagement and connectivity while aligning with the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the series. This innovative outdoor touchscreen solution is a testament to Nanonation’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital signage solutions for major events, leaving a lasting impact on fans and sponsors alike.