Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

An informed team makes better decisions and works to achieve company goals. Digital signage solutions help deliver KPIs, compliance information, metrics, goals, and announcements to employees.

Nanonation’s digital signage system has been refined over 20 years to be the most reliable and secure system in the industry while remaining easy to use for non-technical people. Whether you’re keeping your team informed in a single location or in manufacturing facilities throughout the globe, digital signage makes the task simple and timely.

Use Cases

Corporate Information Boards

Digital signs can be used to deliver information to the right audience. On the manufacturing floor, they can deliver key performance metrics. In the break room, signs can show birthdays, announcements, and key HR information. In a lobby, it can welcome visitors and show news and weather data to reduce perceived wait time.


Nanonation’s timeline product, originally developed as a solution to display the history of a subject in museums, is a great way to celebrate the foundation and the growth of your business. Timeline is an interactive solution that can be delivered on a single screen or a multi-screen video wall with images, video, and web content that visitors can use to discover the key moments in your company’s history. It’s a great addition to a lobby for your customers, vendors, and partners to explore when they visit.


Some businesses have some very simple office layouts, but many of our corporate clients have multi-building campuses or large buildings that have been expanded and joined over the years. In these cases, interactive wayfinding can help employees and visitors alike to find the right meeting room or office area quickly and easily.

Video Walls

Attention-grabbing video walls can be a great way to highlight your brand and motivate your team. We’ve been installing both LED and multi-screen video walls in retail environments for years, but more and more our corporate clients are adding video walls to their lobbies and open spaces.

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