Corporate History Wall

Tell the story of your organization or company

Showcase new projects, products, or services with the Corporate History Wall

Tell the story of your organization with The Corporate History Wall. A digital deployment of the traditional wall graphic history walls for your lobby or gathering spaces. But, unlike the conventional versions, one can easily and intuitively make real-time updates and additions to the wall through Nanonation’s content management software. Launched a new project or added a new notable customer? Within minutes you can have content added to the timeline. Just upload images and videos of new projects, products, or services you want to showcase for clients or prospects as they enter the office.

The Corporate History Wall has four card types:

Gallery View

The gallery view lets you upload images and videos with as much text as possible to tell the story about a particular product or service.

Video View

The video automatically starts playing, allowing the user to start, stop and move forward and backward through the clip.

Website View

Capture content that lives on the web by uploading a URL inside a wrapped browser.

Quiz Game

The quiz game lets you ask as many questions as you like with up to four different answers allowing the user to choose which one they believe is correct

The Corporate History Wall engages and educates prospective clients about your company or organization's rich history and current achievements as soon as they walk through the door.

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