Benefits of Customer-Facing Digital Signage in Retail


Digital signage continues to grow in popularity in the retail sector. In retail, customer-facing digital signage holds the power to create numerous ways of connecting with customers and non-customers.

Attract and Engage an Audience

When retailers have a matter of seconds to attract people’s attention, standing out in a sea of stores is imperative. Incorporating a digital signage network can be compelling to a customer in any retail environment when executed properly.

The storefront is a great place to begin implementing digital signage. Attracting new buyers is a benefit of highlighting products on storefront signs. The positioning of each digital sign is key to the success of your strategy.

An effective strategy should also include a clear objective alongside well-defined metrics. You know your customers best, so work to create a content strategy that will resonate with them. Media on your signs should be more than just rotating images and commercials.

Utilize existing assets as a part of your content strategy. Leveraging existing resources allow you to reuse current content and keep your brand messaging consistent across all channels.

Inform Customers

Use digital signage to tell customers exactly what they need to know about a product. As society has moved further away from face-to-face interactions, help from an associate isn’t always welcome. Informational signage can be used to describe a product, its benefits, and features passively.

Retail Shopping Mall

Enhance Brand Awareness

Use your signs to tell your brand’s unique story. Include elements that allude to your company’s values, philosophy, and personality. Developing brand awareness relies on consistent and uniform messaging and designs. A unified aesthetic between your signs and other marketing channels will build trust and credibility with current and future customers.

Fido Wireless's signage throughout the store displays promotions, product features, and more.

Targeted Content

Display a variety of messaging across each location to tailor communications to specific groups. Utilizing shared and local content allows retailers to further connect with customers in different locations.

For retailers with different departments, displaying department-specific information and images can keep users engaged and send powerful messages.

Scheduling features called dayparting allow retailers to continuously change content, keeping visitors engaged. Create playlists for different parts of the day or week to keep customers from tuning out messages.

Rogers digital signage system and touch interactive system educates customers.


Connecting and engaging with customers will always be an important part of marketing. Incorporating a digital signage network keeps your ability to display a variety of fresh content in-store. Attracting customers and keeping them informed and engaged can be achieved through a network and effective digital signage strategy.

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