Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a powerful tool that can drive loyalty, sales, and brand consistency. In a world where digital content has quickly become the norm, displaying dynamic content is the key to success.

POS Integration

Integrate digital menus into your Point of Sales system as an optional feature. When linked, ensure consistent pricing between menus and POS system, preventing customer complaints or additional stress when taking orders due to pricing inconsistencies.

Dynamic Templates

Building your menus is made simple with support for images, videos, and screen zoning. Create dynamic templates using HTML5, or let our expert creative design team work with you to create attractive and functional designs. The menu content is easy to update through the Commandpoint web-based interface.

Features Included with a Nanonation Digital Menu Board

> Easily make content and pricing updates through the dynamic template feature

> Access to our media management system to easily make updates in seconds

> One-on-one training and an initial content upload

> A dedicated project manager and access to our support team 24/7

Outdoor Menu Boards

Digital menus in the drive-thru offer a unique opportunity to engage with your customers in a one-on-one experience. They can also:

> Increase upsell and cross-sell during ordering.

> Reduce wait time. Simple, easy to read options decrease decision times and speed up transactions.

> Adapt content to reflect demand, preferences, and promotions.

> Feature specific menus for different mealtimes, automatically. Keep your menus relevant, timely, and streamlined by only featuring items available by meal.

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