Digital Signage in Healthcare Facilities

Why Digital Signage?

Sending clear messages across healthcare facilities quickly is crucial in today’s digital world. A digital signage network is a platform designed for widespread, cohesive messaging that creates satisfied visitors and informed staff.

There are many benefits and uses for digital signage in healthcare facilities, ranging from clinics to hospitals. The network of signs equipped with our software allows content to be tailored to different groups or areas of a facility.

Reach Everyone Quickly

When messaging needs to reach an audience in as little time as possible, digital signage is a critical part of a communication plan. Display the latest news, inclement weather alerts, natural disaster drills, and enforce protocols as they change.

Updates to signs can be made in minutes, making communication fast and efficient. Templates and widgets give staff the power to create meaningful visual communications across a digital signage network in little time. Advanced scheduling tools allow you to distribute content to the right people at the right moment.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

For many people, the wait time is the most stressful part of visiting a healthcare facility. Digital signage is a proven way to help ease that stress. Strategically placed signage can help calm, inform, and keep patient’s attention while they wait.

  • News
  • Quizzes
  • Fun Facts
  • Stats
  • Doctor and Nurse Highlights
  • Art
  • Weather Ticker
  • Social Media Feed
Doctor Highlight Digital Signage Template

Educate and Engage Visitors

The possibilities are endless when implementing digital signage in medical offices and healthcare facilities.

  • Guidelines
  • Health and Wellness Tips
  • New Patient Information
  • Check-in Information
  • Promote Services
  • Risk Factors for Certain Conditions
  • Preventative Techniques or Exercises for Common Ailments
  • Advertising
  • Infographics
Waiting Room Signage

Enhance Communications with Staff

Placing signs in lounges and work areas will help inform staff and reinforce important information. Display unlimited amounts of information while saving money and paper by cutting down on print-outs.

  • Protocols
  • Safety Procedures
  • Employee of the Month
  • Time Sensitive Information
Nurse Appreciation Week Digital Signage Template

Other Use Cases


For facilities with multiple offices or floors, directories are key to keeping visitors happy. Digital directories make it easy to swap out names and room numbers when needed.

Menu Board

Digital menu boards in cafeterias provide great flexibility. Use scheduling features to set menus for the upcoming weeks and change the menu in minutes when you run out of certain items.

Donor Board

Digital donor boards recognize all the important donors that have contributed meaningful gifts to your organization. Highlight names and the stories behind some of the donations to help encourage future giving. Add names as often as you like, making changes in real-time.


Utilizing digital signage as a communication tool in hospitals will help streamline messaging. Quickly disseminate valuable information across any facility.

Use the info above to help you begin a plan to deploy your signage network.

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