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Keep everyone in your office on the same page.


Deliver the right message to the right customer.

Educational Digital Signage


Highlight students, events, and donors.


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Marketing and Communications teams choose Nanonation because there is no other easy-to-use tool that offers such scheduling flexibility. Combined with our powerful yet, simple cloud-based management system, Commandpoint, which offers enterprise-class CMS features in a clean WYSIWYG interface.

Keeping You On Target

Nanonation does regional promotions, hyper-local content, dynamic pricing, real-time data, time-sensitive ad content, and any of the thousands of other scenarios that need content targeting better than anyone else currently out there. We’ve taken scheduling options for digital content and put it at the media item level, which gives you more flexibility to target the where and when content should show — you know, the way you really want to schedule.

Scale Friendly

From updating a single sign in a tradeshow booth or lobby to managing an entire distributed network of thousands of screens, Commandpoint is here to make life easier for content managers. Our grouping, sorting, and filtering options mean managing a global network of retail stores is just as simple to operate as a one-location digital menu.

Effortlessly Integrate Your Box Account

Then your life just got easier because Nanonation’s integration means that content already being managed in Box can easily be mapped to content folders in our Commandpoint to sync content automatically. Seamless. Simple.

Nanonation’s IT-friendly solution makes onboarding with us as a vendor easy. In addition, our robust security and firewall-friendly architecture make maintaining your digital signage players a no-brainer.


We work with your existing infrastructure and preferences, offering an extensive assortment of options for player devices. We can drive content to almost any device from Windows PCs to Smart TVs to Brightsign players.

Network Friendly

Every Nanonation player is frequently in contact with our cloud-based backend, Commandpoint. All communication is outbound only, meaning you don’t have to open up any inbound ports on your firewall or create complicated network rules. It is genuinely plug-and-play for the vast majority of our customers.


Nanonation maintains a high level of logical and physical security measures for our cloud-hosted management system. Our internal infrastructure team is always up to date on the latest best practices for security, and we regularly test our systems with 3rd party penetration measurements.


Our in-house team of technical support specialists are available 24x7x365 to respond to any issues. As a result, more than 95% of tickets are resolved the same day, most of which in under four hours. Additionally, with our automated alerting, proactive Watchdog tool* and remote control*, many issues can be resolved before a problem is ever noticed, without the help of technicians.

*Not available on all platforms.

Executives choose Nanonation because we understand how important it is to make smart technology decisions. Our rock-solid platform has been proven over the past two decades and is backed by dedicated professionals 24x7x365.


Our player flexibility saves time, effort, and costs, including easy-to-use management tools and simple implementation options. This gives your people more time to focus on what they do best and less on managing the digital signage infrastructure.


Large or small, we provide a platform that grows with you. Nanonation can support your signage network with an infrastructure built to handle scale, no matter how big or complex it becomes. Plus, with our suite of interactive solutions and custom development capabilities, we can help you tackle new challenges whenever they arise.


Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Nanonation’s digital signage content management platform has a proven track record of reliability. In addition, our in-house team of project managers is here to help guide our customers through smooth implementations. So whether you are converting from a legacy signage system or implementing for the first time, we help make rollouts successful.

Managing your content is effortless

Remote Content Management

Ditch the days of manually updating content on your screens and checking on your screens to make sure they’re on and working. Our cloud-based software allows you to manage your signage from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive Interface

Our platform allows brands to manage their screen’s content and monitor their signage network from anywhere in the world. Drag and drop items into your playlist, then schedule the time you want your new content to publish. Simple as that.

View What's Playing

Use our preview feature to view what’s currently on your screens or preview what will play in the future. This feature will ensure you that the correct content will be playing at all times.

Content Builder Equipped with 50+ Templates

We equip you with tools to produce beautiful animated content in a matter of minutes. Our in-house design team created over 50 pre-made templates that users can edit to make their own.

software for any hardware

We make the software; what it runs on is up to you. We have created one of the best and most modern cloud-based digital signage Content Management Systems available, and we don’t limit you on where you can show the content you manage. From traditional Windows PCs to purpose-built players like Brightsign to integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) screens, you can control them all from a single dashboard. Our CloudDirect option even allows you to display signage on any device that can point at a URL, like the smart TV you already have hanging in your lobby.


20 Years of Experience helping brands deliver the Right message at the right time.

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I would highly recommend Nanonation signs because they're easy to use, they're easy to set up, and they're reliable. We've had no challenges with them in the last year and a half.

Dave Snitily, Director of Marketing, Crete Carrier

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