Digital Trophy Cases

Highlight your school’s athletic and academic accomplishments while engaging students, alumni, parents, and staff.

Display unlimited content

Use Digital Trophy Case to highlight past and present achievements, history, and your students without having to stress about finding the physical space at your school.

Designed with your school’s branding

Our in house design team creates each Digital Trophy Case unique to your school, using your colors, logos, and other marketing materials to make your Digital Trophy Case yours.

Resume builder for your students

Incorporate the writing and editing of Digital Trophy Case content into your Yearbook, Journalism, or Digital Media classes. Your students will have the opportunity to gain valuable workplace skill.

Features Included with a Nanonation Digital Trophy Case

> Unlimited content storage, including images, video, and categories

> Access to our media management system to easily make updates in seconds

> One-on-one training and an initial content upload

> A dedicated project manager and access to our support team 24/7

> Display interactive yearbooks, with free scanning, upload, and search

Recognize Students

Enhance your hall of fame, and give your school’s outstanding achievers the recognition they deserve.

Display Yearbooks

Scan yearbooks and get them out of the archives and available to the public.

Tell the Whole Story

When your students win a championship, tell their story with photos, video and newspaper clippings.

Up-to-Date Record-Keeping

Keep your records updated and searchable in real-time.


Our core software included in a free-standing kiosk.

> Commercial-grade touchscreen

> Powder coating or wrap graphics options

> Bolt to floor or keep mobile

Digital Trophy Case mounted on a kiosk.
Marian High School's Digital Trophy Case allows visitors, students, and alumni to explore the school's activities and more.


Our core software included in a simple-to-install touchscreen.

> Commercial-grade touchscreen

> Vinyl wall wrap options

> No visible wires or cables

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