From Corkboard
to Touchscreen

Innovate Your Agenda Notices With A Townsquare Digital Posting Board

Be part of an exclusive group of forward-thinking city managers in California as we redefine efficiency and compliance through agenda dispersal and more with our unique Digital Posting Board.


With our digital bulletin board solution, you can experience the evolution from traditional corkboard notices to interactive touchscreen displays, updating how meeting schedules and essential notices are disseminated.

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Real-Time Agenda Updates

Our digital bulletin board ensures that agendas are prominently displayed in public spaces before meetings where residents can easily view meeting agendas, promoting transparency and accountability in local governance.

The user-friendly interface makes updating agendas straightforward. Government agencies can easily make revisions and publish real-time updates. Join the ranks of government agencies embracing the future of agenda access with our digital bulletin board today!

Top Features

Legal Compliance: Ensure compliance with meeting agenda posting laws.

Detailed Analytics: Access kiosk analytics such as the number of sessions, top days, times of day, and top items viewed.

Round-the-Clock Support: 24/7/365 technical support available.

Paperless Posting: Eliminate the need to drive around your City to post paper agendas.

Website Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your City’s website.

Software Compatibility: Integrate with your current agenda publishing software.

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