Donor Board

Digitally celebrate your donors and their stories.

Share donor stories

Digital donor experiences allow you to share more detailed information about your donors.

Sharing why people give to your organization is the best way to help motivate future donors.

Increase awareness

Showcasing your cause and the effect it has on the community is key to help drive new donations.

Inspire others to give

Seeing the stories behind a donation inspires new donors to give their time or a monetary contribution.

Donor Board Digital Signage

Display your donors with our dynamic donor template. This easy-to-update template allows your organization to display donors by giving levels. Content is unlimited and is displayed via scrolling text. The dynamic template allows for your organization to alternate between the full list of donors, to highlighting a specific donor with a photo and supporting text.

> Wall-mounted screen

> Incorporate your branding

> Vinyl wall wrap option

Interactive Donor Profiles

Our Interactive Donor Solution is an engaging way to educate visitors about your donors and why they chose to give to your organization. Users can touch the scrolling tiles to learn more about each story and the search functionality allows you to find specific donors by name.

> Commercial-grade touchscreen

> Incorporate your branding

> Vinyl wall wrap option

Interactive Donor Mosaic

This unique donor recognition solution is designed to fit your organization’s brand while breaking away from typical plaques. The experience is presented on a large videowall which displays an image of your choice, the image is made up of individual tiles which consist of donor names.

Tabitha Health's digital donor board screenshots
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