Eastmont Towers Foundation Enhances Awareness and Financial Contributions

The Eastmont Towers Foundation is supporting the Eastmont continuum of elder care services and facilities. For over fifty years, Eastmont has been a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily on donors and volunteers to maintain their facilities. The Eastmont Towers Foundation approached Nanonation to create a solution that enhances awareness and financial contributions by showcasing levels of giving.

Nanonation created a digital Donor Board which has allowed Eastmont Towers to capture and recognize donors who have contributed to the ongoing efforts of their organization. When a user walks up to the screen, they are greeted by a scrolling list of donor names that are categorized based on their giving level. The Donor Board also allows the Foundation to highlight specific donors by breaking away from the scrolling list and presenting a full-screen picture of the donor with additional information about their contribution.

The experience contains the branding and colors of the Eastmont Community and is powered by a Dell computer and commercial grade screen, which collectively creates a seamless presentation for visitors and residents alike. Using Nanonation’s online content management tool CommandPoint, Eastmont is able to easily control their content on a regular basis. The built-in templates allow for the content manager to quickly change donor names and images.

The screens are placed in two separate high traffic areas and have proven to be more effective than initially imagined. Since the Donor Boards have been installed there has been a 60 percent increase in donations. Nanonation’s Donor Board is a customizable product that has proven results in the field.

Eastmont's Digital Donor Board used to recognize donors over the years.
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