FAO Schwarz Digital Experiences

Nanonation’s application makes for a seamless car buying experience – for kids, that is! FAO Schwarz, an iconic toy store in New York City, has stations equipped with iPads to run their custom app at the FAO Raceway. Trained mechanics build custom remote-controlled cars as visitors customize their car on the iPad. From choosing the body, paint, wheels, and accessories, to the accompanying auto body shop sound effects, the interactive app creates a whimsical, one-of-a-kind experience for kids of all ages.

Another set of iPads in the Adoption Center allows visitors to adopt baby dolls. Our In-House Design team created a ‘Consent to Adopt’ form that makes sure the prospective adoptive parent is fit for adoption. Meanwhile, a “nurse” demonstrates how to care for the newborn. Nanonation’s one-of-a-kind experiences help create a world of wonderment that is FAO Schwarz.

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