Financial Services

Schedule various marketing and advertising deployments to different demographics at different times using digital signage.

Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

Nanonation’s digital solutions power branch communication for hundreds of bank and financial service customers. Modern banks use these solutions to make customers aware of new offerings, bring new customers into the branch, and advertise the latest rates through real-time content management. With our web-based content management system, you have access to a flexible platform to create playlists, schedule media, and distribute content to the right screens at the right time. In addition, our digital signs and kiosks can be grouped based on physical location and other categories so that you can update their schedules and media assets independently.

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Benefits of Nanonation’s Digital Signage

> Easy Setup

> Enterprise-class, Large Scale Capable

> Increased Efficiency

> Engage Your Customers

> Pre-built Library of Over 50+ Customizable Template

> Web-based Content Management

> Content Zoning

Research shows that 5X as many customers made product and service inquiries after digital signage was deployed.

28.2% vs 5.2%

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