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45% of brands are planning on investing in new technology for their restaurants this year.


Over the past two years, many customers have already turned to online ordering

End users are more acclimated to self-service than ever before.

  • A 2021 Deloitte study found that 64% of consumers prefer to order digital on-premise at a QSR.

Reduces Compliance Issues

  • Automatic updates ensures correct pricing and promotions
  • September 2021 report from One Fair Wage shows the average wage in the QSR industry is now $13.50/hr
  • Kiosks work for less than $1/hr (TCO over three years)
  • If a kiosk can reduce staff needs by one part-time (20 hours per week) employee, the breakeven for the kiosk is 16 weeks

Digital Menu Boards

Interior & Drive-thru Solutions

  • Effective menu design impacts your bottom line:
    • Speeds up the ordering process
    • Calls attention to your most profitable (not necessary most expensive) items
    • Reduces customer frustration and encourages repeat visits
  • Make promotions and LTOs more impactful and ensure chain-wide compliance.
  • Drive-thru offers opportunities for 1-1 interactions.
    • Suggestive selling
    • Loyalty tie-in
Self Ordering Graphic


“Kiosks have proven to increase check averages because devices are programmed to upsell consistently, unlike a human.”

– VP of Digital Experience at Panera Bread

Self-Service Ordering

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce Compliance Issues
    • Automatic updates ensure correct pricing and promotions
  • Increase Average Ticket Size Through Suggestive Selling
    • Always prompt for upsell opportunities
  • Reduce food waste caused by incorrect orders
    • Customer-driven order confirmation
  • Increase capacity without increasing staffing
    • Repurpose labor from order taking to order fulfillment
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