LiveWire Kiosk

A Harley-Davidson Branded kiosk shows the Livewire interface.

Nanonation rolled out several programs that Harley franchisees can opt in to, including turn-key signage, a custom bike builder, and a customizable digital board for promotions, service packages, and more. Since then, Harley-Davidson turned to Nanonation once again for their latest release – Harley LiveWire, an electric bike. The transportation industry is evolving, and electric vehicles are becoming more prominent.

Harley was looking to target a new, younger demographic with their EV motorcycle, allowing the potential buyer to explore the bike in its entirety before the release. The kiosk outlines the motorcycle’s features, charging locations, and information about the electric bike. Currently, nearly 200 dealerships across the United States and Canada have the LiveWire Kiosk. Nanonation has been providing custom kiosk solutions for nearly 20 years, and this kiosk footprint (the actual size) was our largest deployed unit to date.

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