Harley Davidson

Dealer Signage & Interactive Programs

Harley-Davidson has been with Nanonation for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve rolled out three programs that the franchise’s dealers can opt into.

The most popular is a turn-key signage program with hours of branded Harley content, licensed music videos organized by genre, and templates that allow the dealer to add local promotions using an on-brand layout.
We also offer a 100% customizable menu board for their service centers that allow the service manager to advertise their common service packages and experiment with promotions, all through a simple-to-use web interface.
Finally, there’s the bike builder, a touchscreen interactive that allows riders to change hundreds of options on the current bike lineup. If you want to get straight to a Harley customer’s heart, let them customize their bike to be an expression of their personality and order it up on the dealer floor using this app.

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