Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame

Home Run Hitter

Baseball Game Screenshot

To complete the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame baseball and softball area, Nanonation created Home Run Hitter. Home Run Hitter is a gesture-based game with the objective of hitting as many home runs as you can in 60 seconds. Since Nanonation was replacing the gesture-based football game with a new touch-interactive game, we took the football game’s hardware and repurposed it for the baseball area.

Paul Vachal, a Sales Executive, said, “The digital interactive experiences in the hall provide much-needed context around the history of sports in the state of Nebraska. Seeing old helmets, wrestling singlets, and trophies are great, but being able to learn more through additional images, video, and text helps to bring the space alive. All ages from elementary school classes to senior retirement facility groups have enjoyed the education and entertaining interactive experiences within the hall.”

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