How Digital Menu Boards Drive Loyalty and Sales

The Importance of Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a powerful tool that can drive loyalty, sales, and brand consistency. Digital menu boards are the medium used to display dynamic content that can help create clear messaging and increase purchases. In a world where digital content has quickly become the norm, displaying dynamic content is the key to success.


Digital menu boards allow convenience stores, quick-service restaurants, and fast-casual restaurants to change promotions, prices, and items quickly and efficiently.

With advanced scheduling features, swap menus during different times of the day, a feature called day parting. Schedule menu changes in advance to avoid forgetting to switch out menus. Update one location, a group of locations, or all locations with ease. Digital menu boards can be edited from anywhere in the world and will keep working even if your network is down.

Pump and Pantry Digital Menu Boards

Increase Sales, Lower Costs

Digital menu boards boost sales and increase upselling by up to 32%. Digital menu boards are cost-effective, allowing you to make changes as often as necessary, without needing to reprint menus. Promote new menu items, suggest common pairings, and quality feature images to encourage more orders.

Arby's digital menu board

Connect with Customers

Creating a memorable dining experience requires evoking emotions. There are a variety of emotions that can be tapped within a restaurant. Consider your brand and why people want to visit your establishment.

Is it to be in an exciting, energized environment? Display fun, engaging trivia. Cultivating community? Share social media posts about the latest fundraiser you were involved in. A healthy, locally sourced option? Showcase a video about where your ingredients came from. Brainstorm ways to tap into these emotions that back your atmosphere.

Highlight Loyalty Programs

Reduce costs by promoting loyalty programs on your digital menu boards. Let customers learn about your program without any additional printed materials. You can even cross-promote with other local businesses or influencers.

Top Use Cases

  • Menus
  • Current Promotions
  • Trivia and Fun Facts
  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Weather Ticker
  • News Ticker
  • Nutritional Guidelines

Creating the Right Content

Use our pre-made templates to create a polished, up-to-date menu board. Select different colors and upload images to match your branding. Use eye-catching visuals to help you accomplish goals. Need help creating engaging menu boards? Our design team is here to help.

Digital menu board template from Nanonation's Template Library


Digital menu boards are a dynamic tool that will help create consistent messaging to promote sales and loyalty.

Use the info above to help you incorporate digital menu boards into your sales and marketing strategy.

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