How St. Robert Bellarmine is Using an Interactive Experience to Honor Donors

With over 50 years of history, St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Parish sought to find a new way to showcase and honor their donors. St. Robert’s, like many churches, is generously supported by private donations, so donors are vital to the longevity of their organization.

St.Roberts Digital Donor BoardTraditional plaques and static fixtures become outdated quickly and failed to tell the story behind why people gave to their organization. With the new Donor Wall, St. Robert’s has the opportunity to celebrate each of their donors, updating the digital experience as often as needed. In choosing an interactive Donor Wall, they aren’t limited to strictly listing names or dollar amounts. The church uses their Donor Wall to display donors and their story, and even to highlight campaigns, major gifts, and events.

The Donor Wall was designed by our in-house Design team to feature the organization’s branding, with their color scheme and logo used throughout. Each tile contains an image or a quote which scrolls up or down the screen so visitors and members can explore the parish’s history, current activities, and the story behind each of their donors. When someone touches the tile, a card pops up with additional information and specific branding which indicates the campaign and level of the donor.

Digital Donor Recognition gives more flexibility to organizations, commemorating donors and their stories, instead of an uneventful list of names and dollar amounts.

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