From retail spaces to museum exhibits and everything in-between, Nanonation’s platform delivers engaging and educational experiences.

Key Advantages

Built for Scale

Over the past two decades, Nanonation has built and refined the world’s best software platform for public space interactive solutions. Our Nanopoint software not only drives dynamic and engaging user interfaces but provides a rock-solid platform for kiosks of all types. With real-time monitoring, automated alerting and automatic error recovery, Nanopoint ins built to drive global networks with thousands of mission-critical endpoints.

Built for Innovation

Digital interactive solutions should be both functional and impressive. Whether we are hosting a web application built by your agency or you are working with our award-winning team of designers to build an amazing customer user interface, we help guide you through the process and deliver exceptional results.

Built for Integration

Technology is dynamic, and your interactive kiosks should be too. Our team are experts in systems integration. Ensuring your data is always in sync in real-time, so human errors are eliminated. Our expertise doesn’t stop with back-end data either. Card readers, barcode scanners, light triggers, RFID sensors, cameras, and just about everything else you can use with an interactive experience, is within our wheelhouse. We bring systems, technology, and experience together for your users -seamlessly.


Nanonation is a leader in creating engaging and educational interactive experiences. From learning about a zoo animal to understanding where our food comes from to seeing some of the greatest highlights from sports history, our platform and team of design experts can bring any experience to life

Integrating the physical world and digital experiences together is our expertise. We understand the needs of museums and educational spaces. During our process, our team works to understand your goals, your guests, and your content. From there we help formulate amazing ways to engage, educate, and entertain your audience with the flexibility and reliability of our platform behind each experience we help create.

Transactional Kiosks

Reliability. Security. Scalability. These are the important features of any interactive experience that involves payment or other transaction. Nanonation brings them all to the table. We also bring ease-of-use and award-winning interface design as well.
whether you need to sell a product in 3rd party locations, accept payments, dispense tickets or offer an endless aisle solution to your customers, Nanonation is the partner to help you build a successful solution. Our experience and expertise with payment and data system integration, combined with a team of experts in touch screen interface design, including ADA compliance, will take you from concept to deployment.

Retail Interactives

Bridging the physical world and the digital experience is not an option, it’s an expectation. Nanonation has been helping retailers create, deliver, and successfully maintain interactive solutions in their stores. Throughout that time, we have continually adapted and changed to stay ahead of the curve with our innovative solutions. We can help you build your strategy for in-store customer engagement and through our technology and platform, help create amazing interactions with consumers.

Help customers not only find solutions but impact their shopping experience. Lead customers to your target solutions and services to impact your bottom line. Create spaces that draw customers back to your stores over and over again. Offer solutions to consumers in ways and in places they have never shopped before. Nanonation can help you solve the retail challenges of today.

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