From retail spaces to museum exhibits and everything in-between, Nanonation’s platform delivers engaging and educational experiences.

Key benefits


With a few simple touches, information is at the fingertips of the user. With endless amounts of content to be shared about products, services, history, and objects, sharing information through digital interactives allows organizations to display more than ever before.


Digital interactive solutions can be both functional and impressive. You are sure to wow your guests with the industry’s best interactive solutions. If we do not already have it, we can make it.

Increased Sales

Users are now able to explore more goods than ever before because of interactive touch screen solutions. As users learn more about products, they are more likely to purchase. Cross-sell and up-sell goals can be achieved through digital interactive projects.


Artwork is brought to life in the form of digital masterpieces carefully created by children mimicking the likes of Jackson Pollock. Users are able to create their own digital masterpiece as they use actual paint utensils against touch screen hardware. Through pure precision, textures are mirrored and masterpieces are made, all to be sent to the user or who they choose via email or SMS.

Interactive from the Inside Out

Showcasing products has never been more intuitive and fun than when users engage with our custom interactive solutions. From exchanging a gift card at a grocery store to learning about eggs at a state fair, we truly can do it all.

Retail Interactives

Shopping should be an experience, both in the purchasing of an item but also in the way it makes you feel. Through our custom solutions, guests can engage with peripheral activities to make their experience in your store memorable,
causing return visits.

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