Kirby Science Discovery Center

Interactive Games and Triggered Signage

Kirby Science Discovery Center exhibit

The Kirby Science Discovery Center, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a hands-on science center located inside the Washington Pavilion. The museum covers a wide range of topics, allowing visitors to explore and discover arts and science. Nanonation collaborated with Kirby to create a number of educational experiences designed to enhance the visitor’s experience.

The first experience is a fun multiplayer quiz game where guests can test their knowledge on all things South Dakota. Visitors choose an animated avatar and go head to head with other players testing their knowledge in a number of different categories. A massive onlooker screen acts as a leaderboard for others to watch as players make their way through the game.

Color-a-Dino, a digital coloring book allows guests to pick from several dinosaur outlines and backgrounds to create their own unique coloring page. Visitors can select different size paint brushes and chose from a number of colors to create their masterpiece! Once complete, the image can be sent via email as a virtual postcard, complete with Kirby’s branding.

The latest project is an educational game that illustrates the difficulty of assembling fossils in the field. Nanonation created a fun interactive puzzle where visitors are presented with a mix of species from a discovery site and challenged to assemble the dinosaurs. Players are taken through three different puzzle activities that simulate the process of assembling fossils and learn fun facts along the way.

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