Meridian High School Uses Digital Trophy Case to Display Decades of Yearbooks

Meridian High School in Macon, Illinois is one of the newest members of the Digital Trophy Case family. The school was established in 1994 as a result of a merger between the Blue Mound School District and the Macon School District. In 2011, the school became Meridian Jr./Sr. High, with grades 6 -12. IMG_0885

Memorializing the history of all 3 schools through traditional means of plaques, flipbooks, and physical trophy cases was a challenge for Meridian. Their Digital Trophy Case allows them to house yearbooks and history from each school dating back to 1925. 

Meridian’s Yearbook Coordinator, Sheila Moore, and her students spent over a year working to secure funding to implement  Digital Trophy Case. They presented to multiple organizations in Macon and Blue Mound counties and even presented to the Mayor and City Council. The school secured its first grant, which was soon followed by another. Ultimately, the school was able to secure enough funding for the project. Moore said, “I love that my kiddos played such a huge roll in making this possible!” 


After implementing the Digital Trophy Case, Moore said, “There’s really been a lot of positive interaction with it, I think even more than I imagined.” She also mentioned students, parents, and visitors are constantly stopping by the Digital Trophy Case to thumb through old yearbooks, creating a sense of nostalgia as they excitedly find themselves or family members within the digital archives.

Digital Trophy Case is a unique way to display years of history, whether it’s through yearbooks, sports, or donors. Interested in learning more? Check out our website! on Youtube

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