Nanonation and Nebraska Bankers Association Officially Partner on Digital Signage

LINCOLN, NE [February 8, 2021] Nanonation and the Nebraska Bankers Association, alongside its subsidiary Nebraska Bankers Insurance & Services Co., are pleased to announce Nanonation as a preferred vendor for digital signage services and solutions.

As technology continues to play a critical role in business, Nanonation and the NBA aim to provide financial institutions with the tools needed to support their clients. Nanonation’s enterprise-class digital signage platform will streamline communication within bank branches. These digital solutions allow banks to publish content to digital displays from anywhere in the world, ensuring that information is distributed quickly and accurately.

“Nanonation is excited to partner with the Nebraska Bankers Association to provide cutting edge digital solutions for financial institutions across the state,” said Jennifer Witherby, Nanonation’s Director of Digital Signage Sales. “Our extensive portfolio of banking clients coupled with the Association’s vision to be the foremost resource for Nebraska’s banking industry is sure to prove beneficial for its members.”

“The NBA is pleased to welcome Nanonation to the NBA’s preferred vendor program,” said NBA President and CEO, Richard Baier. “The digital signage products provided by Nanonation will give our member banks another way to connect and build relationships with customers.”

About Nebraska Bankers Association

The Nebraska Bankers Association (, founded in 1890, is the voice of Nebraska’s $77.9 billion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional, and large banks that together employ more than 15,000 people, and safeguard nearly $63.9 billion in deposits, all within the state of Nebraska.

About Nanonation

Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance visitor engagement, Nanonation provides its customers with the ability to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor’s interaction. The company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the banking, financial services, retail, museums, hospitality, and entertainment markets.

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