Nanonation Invites Feedback

Nanonation hosted its yearly focus group and attracted clients and future customers from nearly every industry. The goal of the event was to gather insight from industry professionals to better position Nanonation’s products and services in the marketplace.

The focus group began with demonstrations of recent projects and solutions to provide attendees with a framework for topics to be discussed throughout the day. As the event progressed, customers were asked to provide comprehensive feedback regarding solutions that could positively augment their environments.

“Having these conversations always provides great background and detail to our research but there are also a couple of big surprises to come out of every group,” said Scott Eastman, our Creative Director.

Nanonation's Focus Group demonstration of ways digital can be incorporated into a space.

It became apparent as users were exposed to new knowledge of Nanonation’s collection of software that they could identify many ways of using our solutions that we had not thought of ourselves. Attendees found they could expand their digital footprint by including solutions like interactive directories in churches, signage in hospitals, digital donor boards in non-profit locations, wayfinding in corporate headquarters, and augmented reality in museums.

The conversations have proven to be mutually beneficial. We were able to discover new markets for our products and many of our clients discovered new ways to engage their visitors and customers. Our goal is to expand upon the conversations and continue them in the near future.

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