Nanonation Partners with Fontenelle Forest to Educate Nature-Lovers

The Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in Bellevue, Nebraska teamed up with Nanonation to revolutionize their space. We worked on a series of six digital solutions to enhance the Raptor Woodland Refuge Exhibit, transforming the way visitors interact with the exhibit. We partnered with them again to expand their digital assortment, adding two more experiences. During each project, we took into consideration their overall mission: to inspire and educate current and future generations to care for the natural world.

An interactive Mew Map allows visitors to learn more about the 13 species of raptors living at the Forest and if they are on display that day. A custom-built tabletop houses a 70-inch 4K screen displaying interactive satellite and topographic maps of the 1400-acre forest to help visitors plan their hike. The Digital Trail Map also informs visitors about their wildlife, conservation efforts, and points of interest.

A five-screen interactive video wall, known as the Conservation Timeline, encourages the exploration of Fontenelle’s history by giving visitors the opportunity to interact with events, milestones, and the people who have made an impact on Fontenelle Forrest. Next to the timeline is a Trivia Board, containing dozens of questions to test visitors’ knowledge of Fontenelle Forest and their mission. An interactive Matching Game is another experience that educates visitors about all about bird’s and their habits, where the user pairs offspring to the parents by dragging images together.

The Message Board and Nature Search Kiosk are the latest addition to the Nature Center’s digital experiences. The Nature Search Kiosk is located in the heart of the Visitor’s Center, the atrium. The free-standing kiosk plays a loop of video footage until a user touches the screen. Once the visitor taps the screen the organization’s Nature Search Website is accessible, allowing users to browse through the species currently living at the nature center. Our software allows the staff to lock-down the browser, making other websites inaccessible and safe for all ages.

A 75-inch screen above the information desk displays special events, admission prices, member benefits, and fun facts about the forest, but the options to promote content are limitless. The Message Board is managed through a dynamic template via the web, allowing staff to update info as often as needed while maintaining brand standards without needing a background in graphic design. The flexibility of their new information hub creates an engaging experience no matter how many times a user has paid a visit.

The versatility of the branded Message Board and informational experiences will continuously educate visitors about the forest without the worry of becoming outdated.

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