Nanonation Works with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to Bring Schramm Education Center to Life

Nanonation is working with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to create several experiences in their fully renovated interactive nature center at Schramm State Park. Our in-house design team has been hard at work developing cohesive designs for each of the games and digital interactives.

Several site visits took place in order for our designers to understand the environment. Our team carefully noted the location for each experience and the surrounding materials. The existing space consists of the original materials from 100 years ago, which presented a challenge – finding a way to blend sleek, modern technology with rougher materials. While the shell of the building remained the same, the nature center is incorporating new furniture and other finishes, all of which had to be considered when developing each experience.

It was essential for the team to see where each screen will be mounted and how people will interact with them. For example, the first experience visitors will encounter is designed to welcome them into the space, while others screens need to intrigue a guest from across the room.

Game and Parks gave us some guidelines as to what they were envisioning for the exhibit but allowed our team to do what they do best, develop fun and educational experiences! The client acknowledged that the historical background of Schramm’s Fish Hatchery was a key topic they wanted to convey to visitors.

We met with several of the park’s specialists to dive deeper into the specifics, with the intent of taking complicated concepts and transforming it into fun and educational experiences any visitor can understand. From there, our team went to work and started their research on the park, its nature, and history. We presented 6 different fishing games, allowing the Nebraska Game and Parks to pick the games that best fit their educational mission.

As each design team member works on their assigned experience, Scott Eastman, our Creative Director, is working to create one unified look across all of the experiences. Incorporating Nebraska Game and Parks branding, each of the screens will communicate a clear message to visitors helping to tell the rich history of the Fish Hatchery.

Once the team created their first iteration of designs, we met with Nebraska Games and Parks to review concepts. Typically, we have three design rounds, where the client can tell us their thoughts on each aspect of a design. From there, the team tweaks the necessary items until the client is happy with the outcome. Check out the three iterations for one of the interactive experiences below!


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