Nanonation Launches New Outlook Integrated Templates

Lincoln, NE September 2, 2022: Nanonation, a leading public space interactive and digital signage solutions provider, just launched their new Outlook Integrated Templates, ideal for scheduling conference rooms and meetings faster and more efficiently. The templates keep all meeting information organized and in one place, syncing room, organizer, and meeting names from Outlook for displaying on tablets outside conference rooms.


Nanonation’s new Outlook Integrated Templates make scheduling conference rooms and meetings easy, fast, and efficient. The digital signage templates merge seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook 365 and use small screens mounted outside conference room spaces to display current and upcoming meetings held on that day in specific conference room locations.

There’s no need to shuffle back and forth between multiple programs to schedule meetings. Instead, the templates automatically pull the room, organizer, and meeting name from Outlook for displaying, keeping everything organized and in one set location. It also reveals the start and end times of the meeting along with a percentage marker to keep track of its duration and when the next one will occur. Light and dark modes are also selectable in the template configuration to better match your company’s aesthetic.


About Nanonation
Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance visitor engagement, Nanonation allows its customers to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor interaction. The company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the museum, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and financial services markets.

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