RB American

Arby’s Menu Boards

Nanonation worked with RB American, Arby’s largest franchise group, to create custom menu boards for both indoor and outdoor digital screens, exclusively tailored to meet the unique needs of RB American. Our solution empowers the marketing team with a user-friendly content management solution, allowing them to effortlessly update limited-time offer items (LTOs) on the menu board. Menu board prices are automatically pulled from the point-of-sale system and populated into the menu board templates. For the drive-thru, the menu templates dynamically change when a customer begins to order to display a real-time Order Confirmation Display (OCD) as part of the digital menu board, eliminating the need for a separate OCD screen at the drive-thru.

Additionally, our system enables the help desk to independently manage the status of out-of-stock LTO items by auto-removing them from the menu board to display a configured backup LTO in its place. Beyond menu board functionality, Nanonation also handles the creation of all promotional materials and menus, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive branding experience for RB American.

“Nanonation has been with us since the beginning and they have been lock in step with us to build the right solutions to meet our needs. The creative is a right mix of graphics and animation to keep customers engaged and help them make an informed decision. Over the years, they have been a great partner with open-mindedness and reliability to provide the customer service we need to drive our business.”

Dana Cook

Marketing Director

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