Digital Signage for Retail Stores

For nearly 20 years, our industry-leading retail solutions have helped retailers maximize profits through proven engagement techniques.

Digital Signage for Retailers

Nanonation’s digital signage has full-enterprise capabilities making it a preferred solution for our larger retailers who have over 10,000 active units, but it is also easy to use, making it a perfect solution for a smaller deployment. Our software is trusted by Fortune 500 retailers, national restaurant chains, major telecom firms, and national banks to manage their signage networks.

Fido Wireless's signage throughout the store displays promotions, product features, and more.
Bed Bath & Beyond kiosk in retail store

Kiosks for Retailers

Our team works with your organization to understand your business goals and target market so that we can build out your digital experience. Whether you want to attract, convert, cross-sell, up-sell, or retain customers, we have products to maximize the shopping experience.


New technology and current creative standards help retailers set themselves apart from the crowd and drive traffic through eye-catching video walls, custom in-store audio solutions, and technologically savvy stores of the future. Nanonation helps retail partners ideate and implement game-changing experiences to realize brand objectives.


Our interactive solutions help customers make buying decisions quickly, by giving them the information they need to be confident in their decision. These interactive buying tools have a proven track record. One automotive customer saw a 19% increase in sales after installing information kiosks, while one high-end clothing retailer saw an 8% increase in conversion through our magic mirror installation.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Digital signage solutions can help maximize the shopping experience by showing customers something they did not know they needed when they walked in the door. These solutions have shown regular increases in transaction totals in a variety of retailers. A recent installation at a retailer resulted in an increase of 4% per transaction.


Successful retailers know the modern customer expects more from their choice brands. We help retailers create memorable experiences and present the environment customers are seeking. We help retailers build long term relationships with customers through loyalty program management, registries, and data exchange applications.


Digital signage and interactive product finders can help drive sales to high-margin products and balance inventory objectives. Standalone applications or solutions directly linked to POS and inventory systems can quickly pivot on demand. Our clients have seen as much as a nine-fold increase in sales on promoted products.

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