Rhino Storage Group

Custom Kiosk

Rhino Storage Group is a self-storage company in Ohio and West Virginia that offers 100% contactless rentals 24/7. Rhino had Nanonation develop a kiosk to deliver information about the facility and replace an on-site manager after hours when no manager is present—reducing the need for around-the-clock staff and costs..

The kiosk is a custom-wrapped browser giving options to rent a storage space, pay one’s storage bill, or talk to a manager. When not in use, the screen plays content designed to attract a user’s attention to the kiosk. Managers can remotely manage and update the attract loop using our cloud-based management tool Commandpoint.

Business never stops as users can browse and rent available units 24/7 or select the “Contact a Manager” button, launching a third-party communication software that puts them in touch with a location supervisor. Once the supervisor accepts the call, a chat feature or video or audio meeting begins through the kiosk. When the interaction is complete, and the user walks away, the system automatically resets itself and starts the attract loop again.

The kiosks have been deployed throughout seven different Rhino Storage Group locations throughout Ohio and West Virginia. Keeping labor costs low and continuing to help grow the business.

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