Digital Signage

A content management system that brings reliability, security, and ease of use together to satisfy both marketing and IT professionals alike.

Key benefits

Flexible platform

The enterprise class digital signage solution is a robust and flexible platform to meet the needs of nearly any signage network. This solution utilizes open standard PCs, Macs, or Android devices as digital signage players and our Nanopoint software to control playback on each screen.

Nanonation’s Content Management System

With our online management portal, CommandPoint, multiple users can manage the network of displays, schedule content and view reports on a variety of information. Our CMS also provides a full systems management suite, including remote desktop control, specifically designed digital signs.

Manage devices easily

Signs can be grouped based on type, physical location or any other category, each assigned to different content schedules and media assets. These functions make maintaining even the largest digital signage network easily manageable.

Menu Boards

The menu board solution takes the restaurant experience to the modern age. Our online content management system will make sure all your offerings are up-to-date.

Retail Signage

Digital signage solutions can help maximize your customers’ shopping experience. Whether your goal is to cross-sell, up-sell, convert, or attract customers, our team will help you achieve your business’s vision.

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