Digital Signage

A Content Management System that brings reliability, security, and ease-of-use together for marketing and  IT professionals.

Travel and Transport's two-screen digital signs are used to acknowledge the clients.

Simple to start, ready to scale.

Nanonation’s digital signage has full-enterprise capabilities making it a preferred solution for our larger clients who have over 10,000 active units, but it is also easy to use, making it a perfect solution for a small deployment. Two decades of customer feedback from some of the world’s largest brands have helped us hone our software to the top choice for IT professionals who manage digital signage networks and marketing professionals deploying content to these networks.

Precise Content Management

Our cloud-based management tool allows multiple users to manage the digital signage network, schedule content, and view activity reports. Powerful tools give you unparalleled control with item-level dayparting, rules-based playback, as well as regional and local content management using metadata tags.

Easy to Manage and Maintain

Although our tools have considerable flexibility, they make it easy to tell your story and present your brand quickly and effortlessly. The real-time view feature and remote troubleshooting create a simple to maintain thousands of screens and allow you to recognize problems before customers do.


Our team of experts can integrate with your data sources to ensure you’re delivering the right content at the right time. Custom templates can be used to show data feeds, display a rich digital menu bard, communicate daily KPIs, or promote in-stock inventory.

Outdoor digital a\signage at the Capitol District in Omaha, Nebraska

Cloud-Based Content Management

Our online management tool allows multiple users to control content and can troubleshoot from any connected device. Each digital sign pulls content and stores it locally so internet outages won’t effect playback. Our CMS provides a full systems management suite including remote desktop control.


Nanonation supports our customers through a full-time, in-house customer service team. They offer active monitoring, full-time human help for troubleshooting or content management questions. Our robust software backed by our professional team offers the best uptime in the industry. Across our entire deployed network we average one support call per sign every four years.


Our software is trusted by Fortune 500 retailers, national restaurant chains, major telecom firms, and national banks to manage their signage networks. Since we understand its importance, security is our highest concern. Our software is easy to adapt to your IT environment and content distribution can be throttled or scheduled to minimize the impact to your network.

Template Library

The template library allows our digital signage users to add logos, text, and images to our pre-made templates, resulting in custom media items. Each customizable template can be edited in minutes, easily creating a great visual to attract and engage an audience.

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