Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame

6-Man Football Game

The Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame wanted a refresh of their current gesture-based football game. Nanonation created 2 concepts for the Executive Director to chose from, both of which were touchscreen interactives. Paul Vachal, a Sales Executive, said, “Knowing that six-man football was created in Nebraska nearly 100 years ago, I pitched them on educating their visitors on the unique rules of the game within the touch experience.”

Six-Man Football, a one or two-player game, has a focus on the coaching role versus common player role. When one person is at play, they can be offense or defense.  For a two-person game, one player will be offense and the other will be the defense.  The game starts on the 30-yard line with a 1st and 15 (takes 15 yards to get a first down in six-man).  Each side selects their plays (offense and defense each have four plays to choose from), then X’s O’s simulate the result.  If the offense gets a first down they have a new set of four downs to try and score a touchdown.  If the offense does not get a first down, the game ends and the defense wins.  Throughout gameplay, we rotate fun facts about Six-Man.

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