Spokane Transit Authority

“… there are some off-the-shelf systems out there provided by Transit system CAD/AVL software providers, but none of them have the customized functionality or expandability that will make this system a long-term success."

-Chris Tohm | Web Services Manager, Spokane Transit Authority

Spokane Transit turned to Nanonation when the agency wanted to transform the rider experience at the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza in Spokane, Washington, by integrating fifteen state-of-the-art, 55-inch real-time display monitors with our innovative software and media players. The monitors are designed for long-term commercial use, offering unrivaled clarity, vibrant imagery, and enhanced visibility.

Teaming up with Spokane-based Zipline Interactive, Nanonation spearheaded the custom-built displays, revolutionizing how departure times and bus statuses are showcased. As a result, it’s creating an exceptional user experience that surpasses the Plaza and extends throughout Spokane Transit Authority’s vast bus system.

“The combination of our advanced software technologies with the new monitors has allowed us to craft an unparalleled user experience for our valued customers,” explained Chris Tohm, STA’s Web Services Manager.

The impact of this collaboration goes beyond the Plaza with strategically installed digital information displays throughout Spokane, Washington, and its surrounding urban areas – West Plains Transit Center, Spokane Community College Transit Center, Spokane Falls Station, Mirabeau Park & Ride, South Hill Park & Ride, Five Mile Park & Ride, and Eastern Washington University in Cheney.

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Spokane Transit Authority recently launched a real-time on-bus display system in partnership with Nanonation. The real-time passenger information screens are unique in using live GPS position data to provide passengers with accurate information. Unlike most transit systems, which use predicted timing, the custom solution we developed in conjunction with the STA uses live GPS positioning, giving passengers up-to-date information about bus arrival times at each stop via multiple digital signage displays throughout the bus. The system also displays announcements and promotional content, all managed by STA staff via Nanonation’s Commandpoint Content Management System (CMS). To read more, click here.