STEM Interactive Digital Exhibit

A captivating exhibit offering an engaging experience where visitors can explore the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. With various interactive activities, this exhibit aims to help young individuals identify the STEM category that aligns with their future career aspirations.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Interactive Digital Exhibit for Magic House consists of four activities centered around visitors choosing which STEM category would best suit their career path.

The first activity is the STEM-oji Creation Station, where visitors create a user character and answer questions tailored to STEM categories. The responses correspond to career paths such as Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Then, visitors can learn more about their chosen career path and play a quick game highlighting activities corresponding to specific STEM categories with their STEM-oji.

After getting their STEM-oij character on its chosen career track, users can find more information regarding the careers and learning paths they can take for each specific STEM Category. This station also provides the opportunity to play quick, repeatable mini-games highlighting activities in the corresponding categories to their STEM career course. Once completing the game successfully, their STEM-oji will receive its career uniform.

The third station consists of interactive screens where users discover other STEM-oij’s created throughout the day. They can also learn additional information on the career path of their choice and how their selection compares to others who have visited the museum.

Lastly, the final station utilizes Nanonation’s photobooth application, where a series of filters reflect uniforms worn by professionals in each of the four categories. Users can select a uniform filter and take their picture along with the option to email or text the photo, creating a unique keepsake.