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An easy-to-use app designed for senior living communities to simplify the meal ordering process.

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A Simplified, Payment-Less App to Streamline The Meal Ordering Process.

With Tableside, place meal orders in your senior living center quickly and easily with a flat monthly subscription. Use any tablet or phone to take orders that print at one or more stations in your kitchen.

Connect with Residents

Keep waitstaff on the floor throughout the dining experience, allowing for more time to connect with residents.

Actionable Analytics

Easily change meals in the application and access valuable reports for handling inventory.

Reduce Expenses

With Tableside, operating speed will increase since orders are automatically sent to the kitchen. Mistakes are also avoided with this easy-to-use application, reducing wasted inventory.

Group dining at table
Waitress serves elderly couple at table

Using the Application

Add items from your pre-set menu by simply tapping the meal with your fingertip. The note box allows waitstaff to customize orders with substitution options.

Edit and Send Orders

Waitstaff can place orders based on table or room number. Orders can be viewed and edited easily within the Tableside app.

Menu Updates

Using our web-based Content Management System, edit your menus or specials quickly and easily from your browser.

Track Orders

Track exactly how many orders are made and what was selected for each meal.

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