Temperature Screening Kiosk

Screen an individual’s temperature to detect a heightened reading with this stand-alone kiosk.

No-Contact Screening

The infrared sensor allows an individual’s temperature to be taken with absolutely no contact.

You’re in Control

Control content in the attract loop, set alert temperatures, manage branding, and define your instruction text, all through an easy-to-use online interface.

Quick Detection

Screen an individual’s temperature quickly and accurately in 1 second with a +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit variability.

> Streamline your screening process and lower labor costs.

> Choose between a free-standing kiosk or tabletop tablet depending on what’s best for your environment.

> The kiosk will notify the necessary personnel that the tested person’s temperature is heightened.

> Thermal sensor that reads temperature in less than 1 second.

> Content Management Hosting and Support for 12 months.

> Web configurable, no need to manually set-up each unit.

> Optional printer for audit receipts.

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