Temperature Screening Kiosk

Screen an individual’s temperature to detect a heightened reading with this stand-alone kiosk.

No-Contact Screening

The infrared sensor allows an individual’s temperature to be taken with absolutely no contact.

Quick Detection

Screen an individual’s temperature quickly and accurately in 1-3 seconds with a +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit variability.

No Network Needed

The stand-alone kiosk runs locally on the tablet, although we recommend network connection for data collection.

> Choose between a free-standing kiosk or tabletop tablet depending on what’s best for your environment.

> For the best results, a person should be 3 ft. from the kiosk.

> The device can detect anyone between a 3 ft. and 6.5 ft. height.

> The kiosk will notify the necessary personnel that the tested person’s temperature is heightened.

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