Everybody has a history. Display yours with Nanonation’s interactive Timeline solution.

Key Advantages

Display your archives

Organizations have a plethora of information to share. By digitizing archives, more information is sharable and can be explored by users.

Upload unlimited content

Tell your organization’s story with an engaging interface using unlimited pictures, videos, and audio.

Search functionality

To encourage further exploration, the Timeline’s search bar feature allows users to delve into information that interests them.

Digitize Your History

From the beginning until now, your organization’s history helped shaped who you are as an entity today. This history serves as a foundation that will continue with you for years to come. With a digital timeline solution, the most monumental moments can be showcased. Organizations have been digging through their archives searching for the best content to be transformed into an immersive digital experience.

Once you have your company highlights outlined and ready, our team and software platform ingests those pieces of your history which are then displayed in a touch interactive solution. Users of the solution are able to touch photos, text, or videos which allows them to learn more about the items they find interesting. Not only are you able to display important artifacts, but you can also now tell their story; leaving visitors with a comprehensive understanding of where your company came from.

Our timeline solution is perfect for museums, attractions, visitors’ centers, city offices, corporate offices, and more.

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