Nanonation provides a diverse range of services aimed at enhancing public transportation and navigation

Dynamic digital signage placed strategically at bus terminals or airports informs passengers about route issues and delays. Additionally, it can provide announcements about services and vendors in the terminals and offer critical emergency information when needed. To help passengers navigate these environments, we provide efficient wayfinding solutions that can be used at airports, making it easier for individuals to locate their designated gates or a spot to eat/shop. Once travelers exit the terminals, Nanonation offers an Outdoor Smart City Kiosk that enhances visitor engagement and fosters stronger community connections. This advanced kiosk simplifies the process of discovering local restaurants, activities, and attractions, making it effortless for individuals to explore and enjoy their surroundings.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Strategically placed digital displays in bustling hubs inform passengers about route issues and delays, helping them make informed decisions. These screens also serve as platforms for announcements about services and vendors in terminals, enhancing the passenger experience. In emergencies, they swiftly relay critical safety information. Dynamic digital signage ensures passengers are well-informed and prepared at bus terminals and airports.

Outdoor Smart City Kiosk

Nanonation-powered outdoor smart city kiosks revolutionize urban connectivity. With sleek designs and touchscreen displays, they offer real-time information, services, and enhanced public engagement. Integrated with advanced Nanonation software, these kiosks provide updates on events, weather, and nearby amenities. They seamlessly integrate with city services, improving public safety through monitoring capabilities. Nanonation-powered outdoor smart city kiosks create a cutting-edge urban environment, fostering connectivity and enhancing the quality of life.


A game-changing wayfinding technology that simplifies navigation and enhances user experiences. Our software solution provides clear guidance in complex spaces with interactive maps and intuitive signage. Real-time updates and personalized directions improve accessibility, while a simple interface ensures effortless navigation.

Transportation Examples

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Werner Enterprises
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