Union Bank & Trust

Digital Signage & Custom Content

Union Bank and Trust (UBT) collaborated with Nanonation to breathe new life into a historic building designed by the famous architect I.M. Pei in the heart of downtown Lincoln, NE. Their vision was to modernize the space to meet contemporary banking needs and transform it into a vibrant community center for downtown Lincoln. To achieve this goal, Nanonation worked with Sinclair Hille Architects to strategically incorporate a variety of digital screens into different locations throughout the new Union Bank Place (UBP). Located in the heart of Lincoln’s business district and just on the edge of the 24,000-student University of Nebraska campus, UBP is a high-traffic area with a diverse audience of consumers.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by an entrance screen that directs attention to the rotating Pop-up Shop on the left. The Pop-up Shop space is given for a four-month period to a UBT small business customer looking to grow their business from their home to a public retail space. Additionally, a three-foot video “Wow” wall welcomes visitors into the space and showcases custom-created content and templates by Nanonation. These visuals highlight employees, promotions, and other brand-focused messaging, seamlessly flowing onto the teller stretch screens along the teller line for consistent and engaging visual interest. Through Nanonation’s easy-to-use, web-based management tools, UBT’s marketing team can effectively manage and change this content frequently, keeping it fresh and interesting to visitors.

The digital enhancement continues throughout the space, incorporating two digital menu boards to enhance the visitor experience at Stories Coffee. Like all the screens at UBP, the digital menus are efficiently managed through Nanonation’s Commandpoint CMS, which provides a fast and efficient way to update menu items and prices. Additionally, tablets mounted near the coffee shop use Nanonation’s Wrapped Browser product to offer customizable web-based content such as building history, information about the neighborhood, featured pop-up businesses, and Union Bank updates for visitors to peruse while enjoying the community space at UBT Place.

The visual flow continues with an 84″ exterior-facing screen off the north side of the building, offering dynamic engagement with the bustling 13th Street outside through static imagery, video, and live feed. 82” “stretch” displays flank the sides of the teller area, displaying product offerings and UBT branding content to customers as they interact with or wait for a banker. The screens’ unique format makes the content stand out and be more captivating to consumers than standard signage.

Finally, a massive LED video wall was added to the north side of the lobby, facing outwards towards a busy intersection and public square across the street from Union Bank Place. This high-resolution LED showcases content that focuses on UBT’s commitment to supporting the community and local small businesses and the history of the unique building. The LED wall is also used to show live sporting events for popular local teams, drawing attention to the space from the large crowds in the downtown area on game days.

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